Sehenswert! Videos on Demand: International Digital Security Forum

Security in times of pandemics and major global events.

The novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) has led to challenges and chaos to many aspects of life. It is hard to imagine a sector of society that has not been somehow impacted and will continue to be for an extended period of time. During this period and the recovery period, technology has been a major facilitator for understanding and tracking the pandemics, but also in allowing a level of remote presence for both work and social engagement.

“Work from Home” has become the norm for many. Therefore the Kuratorium Sicheres Österreich (KSÖ) was proud to support "The International Digital Security Forum (IDSF)" that brought together international and national leadership and stakeholders for information exchange and collaboration. The goal was to build collective knowledge of lessons learned and to build partnership for pandemic and major event mitigation.

Under the motto “Security in times of pandemics and major global events”, the IDSF 2020 was organized as a virtual conference from 02 – 03 December 2020 by the AIT Austrian Institute for Technology and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (Wirtschaftskammer Österreich – WKO).

Here you can find the videos on demand.

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